Dietrich Bakes at Imprint Coffee every Monday!
Dietrich Bakes at Imprint Coffee every Monday!
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Re-Brand & sooo much more!

When I started Dietrich Bakes, it was the most simple way to get my eats out to the public! The goal has aways been to create delicious, locally sourced, recipes and get them in your kitchen! 

That goal is now a REALITY!! I am teaming up with some seriously amazing entrepreneur organic growers in the community to make fresh meals easy. Don't worry, all those bakes you love will still be available - now you'll have great pairings for them and so much more!

You will see "The Dietrich's Homestead", which is the home of Dietrich Bakes! We want to take you through the process of everything we do. From gardening to cooking to up cycle projects. Our land & community are our #1 - we are so grateful to share it with you. 

Our first order of business will be... GARLIC SCAPES that I snagged from Biglove Homestead! Stay tuned for some recipes & thank you so much for the continued support! 

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