Dietrich Bakes at Imprint Coffee every Monday!
Dietrich Bakes at Imprint Coffee every Monday!
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Baked Goods need TLC too

So, you've got your bakes. Now what?

Some may be temped to "save" them for late in the fridge, but all that conditioned air draws out moisture! 

Here's what I do!

My breads & pastries go in a bread box!! They're affordable & can be stored right on the counter top.

Cookies always go into an airtight container - for those still warm, super fresh cookies, I'll freeze them to save for the following week!

BREAD BAGS!! This is a new one for me, and Im here for it! Store your loaf of bread in a linen bag, to keep it fresh for a few extra days!

The Pastry Box- The box your goods come in, are perfect for storing them! Its no Taj Mahal bread box, but it does the trick- plus those croissants aren't going to last  T H A T  long anyway

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